Rapper Kidd Creole pleads not guilty to murder

Nathaniel Glover was accused of murdering a homeless man on Aug. 1.

Glover was remanded and ordered back into court Sept. 6 for defense motions and a possible bail application.

Glover, a founding member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, was on his way to work in Manhattan Aug. 1 when he had an encounter with a homeless man, later identified as John Jolly.

According to the criminal complaint, which was obtained by ABC News, Glover and Jolly got into a dispute, and Glover allegedly "pulled out a knife that he had attached to his forearm with rubber bands and stabbed [Jolly] in the chest with the knife two times."

Court records show Glover voluntarily gave a videotaped statement to police after they showed up at his house in the Bronx. The arresting officer said Glover gave a brief account of the incident, identified himself and the victim in three screen shots taken from surveillance video and showed the police where he discarded the knife.

Police said Glover believed Jolly was either propositioning him or preparing to rob him. The criminal complaint notes that Glover told police that he stabbed Jolly because he was afraid of him.

At the time of the incident, Glover was working as a security guard at a building near where the stabbing took place.