'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Vicki Gunvalson talks finding love again

The "housewife" is now dating Steve Chavez Lodge.

— -- Vicki Gunvalson's love tank is now full thanks to a new man in her life.

Gunvalson told ABC News she's been dating Steven Chavez Lodge, a retired Santa Ana police officer, for the last 15 months.

"I was broken when I started dating him," the reality star admitted.

The mother of two added that she even tried to warn Lodge about dating her, telling him, "I'm damaged goods. I don't think you want to date me. I don't think I'm a good partner right now."

Gunvalson met Lodge at a charity event just months after she broke up with Ayers in July 2015. After season 10 and 11 aired, Ayers admitted that he fabricated medical records, claiming he had cancer.

Ayers has maintained that he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, but didn't want to reveal his real records on the show.

Gunvalson said her new relationship is welcome after last season "got way too dark and way too hurtful."

"I got taken for a ride and it was a really bad ride and I had no idea he was plotting to hurt me," the reality star said.

Gunvalson said she's cautious this time around.

"Because I've gone through some brokenness, I don't think I'm as fulfilling as I used to be in a relationship," she said.