'Real Housewives of Potomac' Premiere: 5 Questions That Need to Be Answered

PHOTO: From left, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby of "The Real Housewives of Potomac."Tommy Garcia/Bravo
From left, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby of "The Real Housewives of Potomac."

The latest Bravo spin-off, "The Real Housewives of Potomac," premiered Sunday night, introducing the TV world to six new "housewives" of the suburban Maryland city.

Between the show introductions, there was plenty of shade-throwing and one-liners to keep "Housewives" enthusiasts entertained. Still, there are some questions that have yet to be answered after the first episode. And if we know Bravo, when asked they'd simply say, "Watch what happens."

Here are five questions that have us scratching our heads after the premiere episode:

1. Why not just reboot "The Real Housewives of D.C.?"

When Bravo announced the hit franchise was headed to Potomac, Maryland, many viewers said, "Where?" In fact, most Marylanders have never even spoke about the Montgomery County neighborhood with approximately 16,000 households, according to the 2010 Census. The Potomac River? Sure! Potomac, the town? Not so much.

Still, it's likely the cable network avoided a reboot of the D.C. franchise after the drama-filled first and only season. Cast members Michaele and her husband Tareq Salahi took cameras with them when they crashed the White House's 2009 state dinner. The incident caused so much trouble; the couple even had to appear in front of the U.S. Homeland Security Committee.

2. Why are the new housewives obsessed with etiquette?

Karen Huger introduced herself to viewers, saying she married the "black Bill Gates." And she spent the entire first episode proving that she was not the grand dame to mess with, especially when it came to how to properly navigate Potomac.

In fact, when fellow "housewife," Gizelle Bryant, the ex-wife of Baltimore megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant, sat in her seat at her birthday dinner inside D.C.'s Sax Lounge, Huger schooled her on proper etiquette by giving her a gag-gift with a list of etiquette rules.

But it was all in good fun. Huger later said to cameras, "I actually like her but she's irritating."

3. What was up with the crab boiling scene?

Speaking of Bryant, she created one memorable scene with her hairstylist Kal, when the two tried to boil crabs ahead of Charrisse Jackson Jordan's house party.

It left many viewers scratching their heads, especially ones tuning in from Maryland. Many asked, why didn't they just buy the crabs already steamed and soaked in Maryland's famous seasoning, Old Bay?

4. Why are the ladies holding champagne glasses in the introduction?

When "RHOP" was first announced, many speculated on what the "housewives" would be holding during their theme song. In Atlanta, they hold a peach. In New York, the women clasp onto an apple. And in "The Real Housewives of Orange County," the original franchise, they clutch the actual citrus fruit. So would the Potomac ladies hold onto a crab, Maryland's most known export?

That question was actually answered Sunday night. Instead, "The Real Housewives of Potomac" held champagne glasses. It's not the most distinct item, but it'll do.

5. Why does Robyn Dixon still sleep in the "same bed" as ex-husband, former NBA star Juan Dixon?

One of the stand-out moments in this season's premiere episode was the personal revelation by "housewife," Robyn Dixon. She said she still sleeps in the "same house" and "same bed" as her ex-husband, former NBA star, Juan Dixon. Many viewers wondered if the living arrangement was confusing for the estranged couple's two children.

We know the answer to this one too. Dixon said on her Bravo blog that the arrangement simply works for them.

"We have such a long history -- we met in high school -- and genuine love for one another, that living together now just feels like we picked up where we left off when we divorced," she wrote. "And let's not forget about our two handsome boys! ...I'd love for my boys to have the same experience I had as a child living with both of my parents.

A photo posted by Robyn Dixon (@robyndixon10) on Dec 27, 2015 at 5:03pm PST