5 Reasons Katy Perry Was the Obvious Choice for Super Bowl Halftime Performer

Here are a few reasons the pop star is perfect for the job.

The pop star, 30, is already working hard to prep for the big night.

"I've got some insane ideas this year," she said in a video promoting the performance. "This halftime show is gonna be crazy."

Here are five reasons Perry was the perfect choice for this year's performer:

1. Her costumes are always out of this world: On her Prism world tour, Perry has appeared in light-up costumes and more. With millions of eyes on her for this show, expect her to pull out all the stops.

3. She's promising animal involvement: In her promo video, Perry promised thousands of kittens and the appearance of a Pegasus. Unlikely, sure, but we wouldn't put it past to her involve animal imagery at the very least.

4. She loves her fans: Perry is faithful to her Katy Kats, and it wouldn't be unlike her to somehow involve fans in the performance!

5. Her Twitter presence alone will create a stir: Perry is the first person to gain more than 60 million Twitter followers. Between the TV watchers and conversation that's sure to take over social media, expect full Perry-mania come February 1!