Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel on April Fool's Day

Strobe lights were involved.

With colored flashlights waving, Rihanna and company shattered the silence with a performance of her new single, "B***** Better Have My Money." It took more than a few moments to rouse the comedian, who, stunned, tried to talk with what appeared to be a teeth grinding mouthpiece in place.

"I love playing pranks on people," Rihanna admitted. "My band: they've suffer the most ... because on the road you get a little bored, and you get into a little mischief -- especially on the last shows ..."

The recording artist also admits her star status doesn't make her prank-proof: "They either prank me, or [I] prank them, or both."

Kimmel wanted to know the inspiration for the potty-mouthed single, asking, "What happened with the b****h and why did she owe you money?"

"Pending," Rihanna said, "wait for the video."

She explained she doesn't have a date for her new album to debut, but enthused it will be out "very soon."

"I want it to be out like now. I can't wait to put it out."