Robin Thicke's Attempts to Win Back Paula Patton

PHOTO: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton arrive at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium, Jan. 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif.
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Robin Thicke is still trying to get his girl back.

The R&B crooner twice professed his love for his estranged wife Paula Patton, 38, at Sunday night's 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

In his latest public attempt to woo his wife back, Thicke, 37, gushed while accepting the award for Best R&B Single, "Most importantly, I'd like to thank my wife for her love and support, and for putting up with me for all these years."

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Later, the "Blurred Lines" singer returned to the stage to debut his new single, "Get Her Back," which he wrote specifically for his movie star spouse.

"Alright, y'all, help me get her back," Thicke said to the crowd, before launching into the song.

Thicke's eyes glistened as he sang, "I gotta get her, go get her back/ I gotta treat her right /I gotta cherish her for life."

Dropping to his knees, he belted out, "I miss you, I miss you so much baby/I just want you to come back home."

Paula Patton Still Has 'Deep Love' for Robin Thicke

Patton and Thicke, parents of 3-year-old son Julian, split in February after nine years of marriage. Together since teenagers, neither seems ready to close the door forever on their marriage.

"All I can tell you is there's a deep love there—always was, and always will be," Patton told Vanity Fair earlier this month when asked if she and the singer will remain apart.

Thicke has been even more direct about his desire to reunite with Patton. Here are some of the ways he's tried to win her back:

Lost Without You

Thicke made his first public plea days after the couple announced their split, when he dedicated his hit song, "Lost Without You," which he wrote for Patton, during a concert in Virginia.

"For those of you who don't know, my wife and I got separated a few days ago. But you know, I want everybody here to know that I'm trying to get my girl back," the singer told the audience back in February, before breaking into his 2007 hit song.

Let's Stay Together

Patton was still on Thicke's mind a few days later, during a concert in Atlantic City, N.J. People magazine's Raha Lewis told "GMA" that while Thicke was singing his ballad "Lost Without You," someone yelled out "I love Paula," and he responded, "I do, too."

"Right after that he started singing Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together,' which was quite romantic," Lewis said.

Both appeared to be direct messages to Patton.

Happier Since the Split?

Later, in March, Thicke explained his public display in Virginia to People magazine, saying Patton "loved it. She thought it was the sweetest thing and very romantic, and I've always been a romantic guy that way." He added, "My music is very honest about what I'm going through and my songs are about my life. And my relationship with her was 21 years of my life, so I just thought it was important to me to let people know how much she means to me."

But Thicke clarified that he and Patton are "both very happy right now -- much happier."

He told People his goals for 2014 are "to be a great father and hopefully write some great music, put on some great shows and be a great friend to Paula."

Get Her Back

Happier or not, Thicke's latest song, "Get Her Back," makes it clear he's not given up on trying to win back his wife. With lyrics like, "I should've kissed you longer/ I should've held you stronger," and, "All I wanna do is make it right," Thicke must have hoped Patton was watching his heartfelt performance Sunday.

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