Rose McGowan on Hollywood Sexism Controversy: 'Bring It'

McGowan says she was dropped by her agents after tweeting a casting note.

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June 26, 2015, 9:53 AM

— -- Actress and director Rose McGowan has a clear message for Hollywood after she says her tweet exposing what she sees as the film industry’s sexism got her dropped from her talent agency.

“I don’t care, bring it,” McGowan, 41, told ABC News of the possibility she could be blacklisted. “You want to to play, let’s play.”

The “Charmed” and “Scream” actress posted the now-viral tweet last week after receiving a message from a casting director attached to an Adam Sandler project. The casting director asked her to wear a “form-fitting tank that shows off cleavage,” adding “push up bras encouraged.”

“It made me laugh and it made me sad,” McGowan said of the casting note. “I was like, really, still?”

McGowan announced in a tweet this week, that she was dropped by her agency, Innovative Artists. The actress told ABC News she learned of it through an email.

“I just wrote back, ‘You’re hilarious,’” McGowan said. “That was my response. ‘You’re hilarious.’”

“Come on, Hollywood, get a better script,” she added. “This one’s predictable.”

Innovative Artists says it was McGowan who told them she no longer wanted to be represented by the agency as she transitioned from actor to director.

Representatives for Adam Sandler deny any association with the casting note. The actor’s team told ABC News they, “…felt it was completely inappropriate and have made sure that it has not been sent out again.”

McGowan called the response from Sandler’s team a “wonderful start.”

At least one prominent actress has also come to McGowan’s defense. Oscar-nominated star Jessica Chastain tweeted of McGowan, “Her treatment confirms the misogyny underpinning the industry.”

McGowan is now focusing on her new role as director – her short film “Dawn” was shown at Sundance and she is set to make her feature-length directorial debut – and offering her advice to other females in show business.

“Know you worth and know that it’s not OK to be treated like a piece of meat,” McGowan said.

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