Sandra Lee Is Out of Surgery and Asking for Rosé Wine

The lifestyle guru was battling an infection following a double mastectomy.

— -- Sandra Lee is out of surgery and in good spirits.

A member of her team posted a message on Lee's Facebook page saying that "everything went very well" and that after a two-hour procedure, the lifestyle guru was cracking jokes.

"Sandra was very thirsty, but the nurses told her she still had to wait to drink water, but maybe they could negotiate with an ice chip? Sandra lifted her head slightly and said '...water WAS my negotiation...I'd really love a nice glass of rosé...'" her team member wrote. "So, let's just say her celebratory self is right in place!"

"Governor Cuomo remains with Sandra in the recovery room, as her anesthesia subsides," Lee's team member wrote last evening. "She was insistent that he please have some dinner, and that her nurses do the same -- and that they get some ice cream for dessert."

After post-op, Lee was expected to remain hospitalized so that she could rest.