Sara Gilbert Shares Intimate Details About Her 'Dream' Wedding

PHOTO: Linda Perry and actress Sara Gilbert PlayDavid Livingston/Getty Images
WATCH 'Roseanne' Star Sara Gilbert Marries Linda Perry

Fresh off her honeymoon with new bride, Linda Perry, "The Talk" host Sara Gilbert dished on all the wedding details Monday for her fans and co-stars.

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"It definitely feels different. Like, I thought it might feel a little different, but it feels more different than you expect," she gushed. "You feel like you're part of this institution, and official and, 'Oh, I better not mess this up.'"

She added, "You feel safer, in a way. I guess you feel like you've really committed and it's not about, 'Can I deal with this quality ... or not deal with it?' It becomes, 'How will we deal with our relationship together?' and, 'How will we make it work?'"

The former "Rosanne" star and Perry married March 30 after dating since 2011. Perry, 48, asked Gilbert, 39, for her hand in marriage last April.

Gilbert also showed pictures from the March wedding at One Gun Ranch in Malibu, Calif. She said the couple wanted to "enjoy people's company" so they started with a cocktail party.

"We wanted to bring everybody with us down the hill and have this communal feeling," she said, while showing a picture of the beautiful ranch wedding.

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Before everybody walked down the hill to watch the duo tie the knot, Gilbert's co-host, Sharon Osbourne, noted that Perry sang a special song for her new bride.

"It was really sweet," Gilbert said. "She sang 'Love' [by John Lennon]. I thought we were going to announce to everybody, 'Come on, let's go down the hill, let's get married.' She gets on stage. ... I didn't know that was going to happen."

Gilbert gushed about her "relaxed" and "casual" ceremony.

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"It's been super competitive," she joked. "When people say they cried at the wedding, she's like 'Well, who's vows did you cry at, me or Sara's?'"

What wedding is complete without a fancy dinner after the ceremony?

"We made everybody eat vegan, of course," Gilbert said. "Linda's gift to me, which she surprised me during the wedding, was we had this 1980's band, Flashback Heart Attack, play, and it was really great. They did all these guy songs I really love, and then, at some point toward the end of the evening, she got up on stage and said, 'OK, that was the guy songs, but we needed some women to come sing.' So she got the actual, real lead singers from four bands come, which is so amazing."

The guest singers included Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow, Martha Davis from The Motels, Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons and Terri Nunn from Berlin.

Gilbert thanked Perry, her special musical guests and others for making the "night the most incredible dream come true."