• Jennifer Lawrence caught smoking

    Days after winning the Oscar, actress Jennifer Lawrence is seen smoking a suspicious cigarette while taking a break in Hawaii Feb. 27, 2013. Click through to see other stars caught smoking -- both the legal variety and not.
  • Lady Gaga smoke joint

    When in Holland... Lady Gaga lights up a joint on stage in Amsterdam, as seen in this YouTube clip from Sept. 17, 2012.
    Youtube/Jan Staal
  • Kelly Osbourne smokin

    Kelly Osbourne post a photo of herself with a cigarette in her mouth, wearing only a shiny black bra, on her Twitter page.
  • Joan Rivers smokes weed

    Joan Rivers shocked viewers of her WE television show, "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best," when she lit up a pipe filled with medicinal marijuana while sitting in a parked car with a friend. Rivers -- and her friend by extension -- got so high from the pot, which had been prescribed for stress, that she had to call her daughter Melissa to come pick them up.
  • High-Flying Paris Hilton

    "Hangover" star Zach Galifianakis smoked what was believed to be marijuana on "Real Time With Bill Maher." A rep for Galifianakis told Entertainment Weekly, "I believe it was a prop." However, another guest on the show smelled it and said, "It's the real thing."
    ABC News
  • High-Flying Paris Hilton

    "Gossip Girl" actor Chace Crawford was arrested for possession of marijuana in June 2010. Crawford and a friend were caught in the parking lot of a local Plano, Texas, pub with an unlit joint of marijuana. He was released on bond.
  • Celebrities and Marijuana Marilyn Monroe

    A home movie that shows Marilyn Monroe smoking a cigarette reportedly filled with marijuana was sold at auction for $275,000. The video, which shows Monroe relaxing and laughing with friends, was filmed about 50 years ago at a home in New Jersey. According to the Daily Mail, the person who made the film confirmed that the cigarette contained marijuana, saying: "I got it (the pot). It was mine."
    Courtesy Keya Morgan, KeyaGallery.com
  • Tallulah Willis

    The youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, then 17-year-old Tallulah Willis, shows off her rebellious side by lighting up a cigarette at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., April 17, 2011.
    Fame Pictures
  • Taylor Momsen smoking

    "Gossip Girl" actress Taylor Momsen, then 16, is caught smoking while strutting around the Brooklyn set on Jan. 27, 2010.
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