Stephen Curry defends wife's comments from 2016 NBA finals and opens up about family life

Curry defended his wife's controversial statement during the 2016 NBA finals.

ByABC News
June 2, 2017, 8:01 AM

— -- Stephen Curry is known for being a part of the "Splash Brothers" on the court with teammate Klay Thompson, but this time last season it was actually the point guard's wife who made a loud splash during the NBA finals.

Curry's wife Ayesha called the NBA "rigged" on Twitter after her husband was ejected from the Warrior's game 6 loss to Cleveland last year. She apologized saying she "didn't think about the ramifications," but her husband saying now, he encourages her to be outspoken.

"I encourage her to do her thing, to -- to always speak her mind. Like, never -- never, you know, muffle any of that," Curry told ABC News' T.J. Holmes in an interview on "Good Morning America." Adding that she should, "Never, never not speak her mind in any situation."

The father of two to daughters Riley and Ryan said he tries to lead a normal life when he isn't playing basketball, "I'm a normal dude," he said about going on his own grocery store runs. "My wife doesn't let me do it that often. 'Cause I always mess somethin' up," he said, laughing.

"I'll forget one of the main ingredients for the-- for the recipe ... So -- I'm on a short leash, when it comes to the grocery store runs. But I like doin' it," he added.

Curry recalled a conversation he had with former President Obama who said, "before he got into office, you know, he didn't value his anonymity -- as he was going through life ... he can't just go walk down the street and be in his own world and just unplug." A feeling Curry could relate to in his own everyday life.

"That's the hardest thing, just to be able to -- just go to -- maybe go to a grocery store and, you know, pick up some stuff and not -- not -- not run into anybody, have to talk about basketball or somethin' like that," Curry explained.

But the NBA star and his family are even more relatable than meets the eye. Curry admitted that Ayesha, a Food Network personality and published cookbook author, raps about everyday objects around the house, so he decided to jumped in on one of her beats.

"100 recipes -- I got spoons in the pot, tryin' to stir up my stew -- I hold up berries and cakes, if we makin' fondue," he rapped, holding back laughter. "I got two oven mitts, so I never get burnt. Forget them other chefs. Watch out. Now, it's my turn. I got food groups that I gotta act like I like. Forget -- the butter. Garlic butter is nice. Spice."