Geri Halliwell Entertains British Troops

Seductively dressed in military colors, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell followed in the footsteps of superstars like Marilyn Monroe as she entertained some 7,000 British soldiers Saturday night in Oman

"Hello boys. How are you doing?" Halliwell asked the cheering crowd as she mounted the stage. "I hope the uniform is appropriate," said the former Spice Girl who appeared with the chart-topping band Steps, and British comedian Bobby Davro.

"It is really good for the morale, all the celebrations here, the soccer match … It is just great," Liam Garside, a 19-year-old soldier told Reuters.

The site, turned into an entertainment camp with big screens and tent-bars, gave the troops a relaxing break from war games they had been staging in the sweltering desert with Omani forces.

"I have been here for almost four months, [and] it is a nice change," 25-year-old Paul Rhodes from Bradford said at the Saturday night show, which was held at Camp South in Oman's southern desert.

Halliwell, a special United Nations ambassador, was due to fly north to Camp Fairbairn for a second concert next week, where Royal Marines are training. She declined to give any comment to the press.

Soldiers following the show from a specially made sandy mound, joined Geri and the performers in the songs as rapturous applause forced her to give an encore.

Reuters contributed to this story.