Bono's Father Dies

Bono's father has lost his battle with cancer.

With U2 touring in Europe, Bono had been returning home to Dublin every night to visit his ailing dad, Bob Hewson, a 75-year-old retired postal worker. At recent shows, the lead singer had been dedicating the song "Kite" to the man.

‘This Is for You Bob’

Bono first spoke publicly about the severity of his father's illness last week during a concert in Britain.

"He only has a few days left in this world. This is for Bob, you old tough-o," said Bono, who continued to dedicate "Kite" to his father at U2's subsequent appearances.

The song, which appears on the current release All That You Can't Leave Behind, reflects upon death.

I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to live, And when I'm flat on my back, I hope to feel like I did

Bono's loss comes as U2 is again at the top of the rock scene.

The group earned three Grammys for a song from their current release and continues to score hits from the album.

U2 is also selling out concerts around the world and is on track to become one of the most profitable tours in history.

"I can confirm that Bono's father has died. We don't have any more details at this stage," a U2 spokeswoman told Reuters.

The group will perform in London tonight and complete their U.K. tour despite the loss, according to They will then return home to Ireland this weekend for two sold-out concerts at Slain Castle in Dublin which holds 80,000 people.