Britney Says She's Not a Role Model

ByABC News

July 17, 2001 -- We haven't exactly thought of Britney Spears as an innocent little girl for some time, but that isn't stopping the teen bombshell from wanting to appear even more adult.

"I don't want to be considered a role model," the 19-year-old bottle-blonde said Friday at the Television Critics Association summer gathering.

She described her upcoming live concert special from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which will air Nov. 18 on HBO, as "an event" and promised that it will be "shocking and edgier" than anything she's done before, including, no doubt, her super-sexed-up booty-shaking at MTV's Video Music Awards last year.

Bigger Stunts, Cher Duet

"It's going to be to the next level as far as stunts. I want to do things that people have never seen before," said the star. Whoa, Britney, that opens up a whole range of possibilities for your heavy-breathing fans of all ages.

According to USA Today, the Vegas appearance will include Spears in a duet with icon Cher on "The Beat Goes On," the old Sonny and Cher chestnut. Wait, we thought her idol was Madonna. Silly us.

Spears, who is still a minor, has previously said she enjoys an occasional drink, saying, "One drink here or one drink there is fine. I'm growing up, I'm not a little girl anymore. But I never overdo anything. I can't afford to do that."

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