Winslet, Crowe Croon

You'd think that being associated with the ubiquitous, sappy ballad "My Heart Will Go On" would have repelled Titanic actress Kate Winslet from music forever; instead, the Oscar-nominated lass will take a turn at the mic, releasing the single "What If?" from the upcoming animated movie A Christmas Carol. The song was written by Steve Mac, whose past credits include British pop acts Westlife, Boyzone, and Five.

According to her agent, the producers were so impressed with her voice that they're releasing the single at the end of November, the same time the film comes out. Winslet provides the voice of Belle, Scrooge's former fiancée, in the picture.

Crowe Takes His Grunts to Texas Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe will again be hitting the road with his uniquely named band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, later this summer. On Aug. 18, the rock combo will return to Austin, Texas, where they played last summer.

This time Crowe and crew will play at the 15th birthday party of Syndey Perry, daughter of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Crowe and the guv apparently became fast friends when the Aussie rocker and his bandmates were in Austin last year, recording and performing around town.

The show will take place at famous Austin venue Stubb's, where Crowe played three sold-out dates last summer, and will benefit that city's Settlement Home for troubled youth. The band is then slated to hit the road for a brief U.S. tour.