WB's Fall Sked: Angel Stays, Roswell Goes

The WB network is losing some of its most familiar faces as the Sarah Michelle Gellar series Buffy the Vampire Slayer moves to UPN, Shannen Doherty departs Charmed, and the photogenic aliens of Roswell get the boot altogether.

Roswell may still turn up on another network. UPN, which acquired Buffy by outbidding the WB, is reportedly interested in snapping up Roswell, presumably for much less money.

However, UPN won't be getting the Buffy spin-off Angel. The WB is moving the David Boreanaz starrer from Tuesdays at 9 p.m. to the same time on Mondays, where the drama about the vampire with a soul will air after the network's highest-rated show, Seventh Heaven, about a minister and his family.

The network's Wednesday lineup remains unchanged with Dawson's Creek and Felicity.

A Doherty-free Charmed will keep its Thursday night slot: According to the New York Daily News, Doherty left the show after co-star Alyssa Milano issued a "me or her" ultimatum to the network.

Moving into Buffy's old slot will be the critically acclaimed but low-rated series Gilmore Girls, which has had the misfortune to air on Thursdays opposite both Friends and Survivor.

WB Enters Reality Show Race Speaking of Survivor, the WB is unveiling three new reality shows: Elimidate Deluxe, a Chains of Love-esque show in which one person will go on an all-day date with four people simultaneously; Lost in the U.S.A., from the makers of MTV's Real World, which sends out four teams across the country in recreational vehicles with no cash and no credit cards; and No Boundaries, with contestants competing in extreme environments for a grand prize.

The network has also green-lit Popstars 2, the sequel to the reality music series that propelled the group Eden's Crush to the top of the pop music charts.

McEntire, Saget, Willard Star in New Series The "I was a teenage Superman" series Smallville will air on Tuesdays after Gilmore Girls.

Friday night's Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be joined by Maybe I'm Adopted, featuring Fred Willard and Julia Sweeney; Deep in the Heart, starring country music star Reba McEntire as a struggling single mother; and Raising Dad, with Full House star Bob Saget.

The Steve Harvey Show and Nikki return to the Sunday night lineup, to which will be added the comedy Men, Women, & Dogs and Off Centre, a half-hour buddy comedy from the makers of American Pie.

Shows not returning include Popular, Jack & Jill, The PJs, The Jamie Foxx Show, and Grosse Pointe.

Reuters contributed to this story.