Madonna, Guy, Ang Pitch BMWs

In an interesting turn of events, Madonna, who cruised to controversy in her new, banned-by-MTV video for "What It Feels Like for a Girl," in which she wreaks havoc in a Camaro, is now being tapped to sell luxury cars.

The singer-actress will be directed again by film director hubby Guy Ritchie (who also helmed her controversial video) in a BMW commercial, according to Time magazine.

Last year, singer-actor Sting got good mileage for his song "Desert Rose" after it was featured in a series of sleek Jaguar ads.

BMW is also turning to other top talent to promote its cars, with a series of Internet-only ads from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's award-winning director, Ang Lee, and Ronin helmer John Frankenheimer, according to The Associated Press.

Also on board is British actor Clive Owen, whose turn in last year's Croupier brought him excellent notices.

"I wasn't sure the best way to capitalize on Croupier was to do commercials. It was a bit worrying in that way," Owen tells the AP. "But I saw the scripts and they were a very good quality, very well-written. In the end, I thought 'If Ang Lee can do it, I can too.'"