Perry Temporarily Returns to Friends

Friends star Matthew Perry is still on the mend, but the actor apparently went on hiatus from rehab long enough to shoot scenes for his NBC sitcom.

According to USA Today, Perry returned to the Friends set Tuesday, where production on two remaining episodes was wrapped. Perry, who portrays smart guy Chandler Bing on the hit show, entered rehab for undisclosed reasons in late February.

Though Friends is moving along just fine without him (for the time being, that is), the cast and crew of Perry's upcoming movie are not moving at all. Servicing Sara, a comedy that was shooting in Dallas at the time of Perry's admission to detox, is in a holding pattern until the star recuperates.

Servicing Sara co-star Elizabeth Hurley discussed Perry's status at a recent premiere, telling the Los Angeles Times, "I have checked on him and understand he is getting better every day. Of course, I'm anxious to wrap our movie, which is on hold.

"But the most important thing is his 100 percent recovery. He shouldn't push it."

Perry had been working seven days a week prior to entering rehab. He was on the Servicing Sara set Saturday through Wednesday and filming Friends on Thursdays and Fridays, a schedule some say may have led to his alleged drug addiction.

According to a story in US Weekly, Perry was "riding a pharmaceutical roller coaster" of Vicodin, booze, speed, and methadone when concerned parties — including his father — apparently checked him into rehab.