Stone Lands Director, Co-star for Instinct Sequel

Possibly the scariest thing about the upcoming sequel to 1992 thriller Basic Instinct is not its suspenseful plot, but its inability to find a director and a leading man. Aside from original star Sharon Stone, who is committed to return for $15 million, the folks behind the flick have had difficulty convincing anyone to sign on for the upcoming production.

But Basic Instinct 2 has apparently been saved from an icy fate. According to the New York Daily News, Stone has persuaded director John McTiernan (Die Hard) to replace cutting-edge Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, who recently left the troubled project. That's not all — the blond actress has apparently also inked 13 Days star Bruce Greenwood to fill the role that BI leading man Michael Douglas won't even consider reprising.

Greenwood's manager told the Daily News, "We're in negotiations. If and when the picture moves ahead, [Greenwood] will be in it."

Kurt Russell had previously been mentioned to star opposite Stone's raunchy novelist.

BI2 is set to film in New York this spring.