Madonna Not 'Lucky Star' of Ritchie's Next Film

The use of Madonna's song "Lucky Star" in a key scene in Snatch might be the most cinematic collaboration you'll see between the Material Cowgirl and her new husband.

In an interview last week, the 32-year-old director took the opportunity to deny rumors that he and the new missus are working on a movie together.

"Whatever you read about that film I might be making with my wife is not true," said Ritchie, who wed the mother of his son, Rocco, last month in Scotland. "I never heard of it until yesterday. She's unlikely to be in my next film, but there's no doubt that at some stage in, I hope, the not-too-distant future that we'll collaborate."

So what will Ritchie's next film be about? "It's all men again, I'm afraid," he laughed, without elaborating.

Marrying the Princess in the Castle Ritchie refused to talk about his world-famous wife, but his actors — whom he counts among his closest friends — can attest to the change that his love affair with Madonna has wrought on the rising director.

"I'd rather be me than him, to be honest," said soccer hero Vinnie Jones, who plays the imposing Bullet Tooth Tony in Snatch. "Because with my wife, it's all 'Vinnie this' and 'Vinnie that.' He's always going to be the husband of Madonna, which is a sort of hard pill to swallow, I think.

"But he's very much in love and love conquers everything, don't it?" continued Jones. "I asked Guy, 'Who would have imagined two years ago that you'd be marrying the princess in the castle?'"

"It's still so new," Ritchie said of his celebrity status. "I find it hard to reflect judiciously just yet. I'll wait a couple of years before I can digest it, you know what I mean?"

"He's the same person as I met two years ago," said Jason Statham, who plays boxing promoter Turkish in Snatch. "He has not changed one bit, aside from the fact that he can afford a nice pair of shoes now."

Ritchie could have been describing his own fame, in addition to his new film, when he said, somewhat dismissively, "It's not to be taken too seriously."