Spade Sends Regards to Accused Attacker

Emmy-nominated TV actor David Spade says he believes the personal assistant who allegedly attacked him with a stun gun Wednesday is "a good person."

According to police, Spade's 29-year-old personal assistant, David Warren Malloy, allegedly assaulted his boss while trying to rob his Beverly Hills, Calif., home. Malloy was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

The sad coincidence is that Spade stars in the NBC comedy Just Shoot Me, a fact the media didn't fail to transfer into multiple puns once the news broke. On the show, Spade plays an assistant to fashion magazine publisher Jack Gallo (George Segal).

Malloy was taken to a hospital for reasons that police did not disclose. A Los Angeles television station reported that the man may be suicidal, while Malloy's agent, Arlene Thornton, told the TV show Inside Edition that "it's sad, very sad."

"David Malloy was a good friend of mine for five years," Spade said in a statement. "I believe he is a good person who is obviously mentally troubled right now. I can only hope that he seeks the help he needs to get well. My heart goes out to him."

Spade called 911 early Wednesday morning to report a burglary in progress, police Lt. Ed Kreins said. But the intruder had fled by the time the first Beverly Hills police officers arrived at Spade's home.

There was a struggle between Spade and Malloy, police said. "He apparently, for no reason, unprovoked, attacked Mr. Spade with this particular weapon," police spokesman Ed Kreins said. "After the [stun gun] attack, a physical altercation ensued for a period of time [until] Mr. Spade was able to get away from him and dial 911 and request assistance."

Spade was not seriously injured in the attack, police said. The actor refused to be taken to a hospital and was treated for minor injuries by paramedics on the scene.

L.A. police officials say they don't know if Spade is planning to press charges.

Reuters contributed to this story.