Brosnan Peeved Over Straight-to-Video Owl

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan took a break from bedding babes and blowing stuff up to film Grey Owl, in which he plays an Englishman who shuns civilization to live as a Canadian Indian

The Richard Attenborough-directed film, which cost $28.95 million, was not picked up for U.S. distribution and is now going straight to video — a fate that Brosnan feels is undeserved.

"It was made for the cinema, it should have been presented in theaters here in America," the actor told BBC radio in an interview at his Californian beach home in Malibu. People's sensitivities have been deadened, and I think they backed themselves into a corner in this town called Hollywood," he said.

Brosnan accused Hollywood executives of being "lazy and lacking in imagination" over the film which will be released in British cinemas on Friday.

The Irish star conceded that the film had flaws but he believed it was "head and shoulders above" the quality of many other movies currently coming out of Hollywood.

Also coming to the film's defense is the 77-year-old Attenborough, whose epic Gandhi was garlanded with Oscars. "[Grey Owl] does not have a sufficient scale, does not have sufficient special effects, and does not demonstrate or illustrate either the pornography of violence or sex." Asked by the BBC if he thought it would have received a distribution deal if there had been more fighting sequences or more explicit sex, Attenborough said, "Oh, yes, there's no question."

Hey, it's never too late for reshoots, is it?

Reuters contributed to this story.