Cain: From Superman to Gay Stud

Dean Cain hopes that his turn as a narcissistic, not-so-bright gay actor-on-the-make in the new indie comedy The Broken Hearts Club will let you forget he was once Superman. At least for a few seconds.

But if you're not thinking "Superman" while watching the film, you might be wondering who the guy Cain is romancing is supposed to be.

Cain's character, one of a group of self-involved West Hollywood gays, lands a small role in a married superstar's movie and has a secret affair with the guy. Since Hollywood loves showbiz dish, Club has prompted speculation that the plot is based on a real person.

"A lot of people have said to me they think it's Tom Cruise," Cain admitted while promoting the independent comedy. "I don't see that at all." Neither would Cruise, who has always denied those pesky rumors that his marriage isn't on the up and up.

On Being Mistaken for Gay For Cain, who, for the record, is straight and an unmarried dad, one question that keeps popping up now is "Do gay men hit on you?"

"Not really," he says. "Because a gay man looks at me and says, 'You're like an arrow, you're so straight.' But I do have so many gay friends that I don't even think about it."

Cain says that the real issue of Broken Hearts Club has nothing to do with art imitating life and everything to do with extending his range as an actor. "They didn't want me at first," he admits. But he's happy now when people ask him if he is gay: "Then I did my job if people are asking that question. That's beautiful."

Kissing Scene Not Faked As for his passionate on-screen mashing with another guy, Cain admits it wasn't easy. "It's one thing to read it on paper and it's another thing to get in there and do it," he says. "That goes for guys or girls.

"Love scenes are notoriously difficult to do anyway, because half the time you've just met and you'll be kissing in the next scene. It's an uncomfortable thing for anyone. Being the character, it was fine. It wasn't about the sex. It was very important that the Andrew Keegan character [Kevin] and myself were kissing. So, when we got there — Andrew is also straight — we're like, 'OK,' and we try to fake it a couple of times and it was 'Cut! We can see you're faking.' We finally said, 'F--k it! Let's just do it.' And we did. It was not really uncomfortable. It was no big deal."

Don't Mess With Superman But Cain did make a big deal over a Superman joke that had been put in the script.

"The Superman joke I didn't like. They filmed it and then took it out. I didn't want any Superman reference. If I did my job, you'll think Superman for 15 seconds and then it will go away."

But doesn't going from Superman to hosting TBS's Ripley's Believe It or Not! series sound like a "What's wrong with my career?" kind of move?

Not at all, Cain answers, for two very good reasons: "First, my company produces the show, and second, it's the highest-rated weekly series on TBS."

In other words, you still shouldn't tug on Superman's cape, even in syndication.

The Broken Hearts Club is now playing in limited release.