Jenna and Roseanne Ditch Playboy

What do Survivor outcast Jenna Lewis and potty-mouthed comic Roseanne have in common? Both have told Playboy to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Lewis, 23, had been offered $500,000 to ditch the pink bikini she wore day in and day out on the popular CBS reality TV show. That's half the amount she would have won if she'd managed to be the last one on the island. Still, the mother of twin 4-year-old girls hesitated about posing in the buff.

Lewis allegedly partied at the infamous Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner while she was toying with the idea. Earlier this month, she told NBC's Today host Matt Lauer, "I'd get a lot of criticism — but then again, it would set me up financially [for my girls]."

Roseanne didn't disclose how many bills Hef flung her way, but she did mention in an Internet chat that she thought Playboy "was too adolescent a publication to show a real live sexual woman."

That doesn't mean she won't bare it all, though. The slimmed-down comedienne plans to flash for the October issue of Gear magazine, a Gen-X boobs-and-cars rag published by Bob Guccione Jr. (whose daddy founded Penthouse, Playboy's main competitor).

That's three strikes for the well-known nudie mag. Cutie-pie Survivor contestant Colleen Haskell, a 23-year-old college student from Florida, was also approached by Playboy representatives but immediately turned them down.