Tom Green and Drew Barrymore Engaged

In the second eye-raising piece of news from the MTV prankster Tom Green this year: he’s engaged to girlfriend Drew Barrymore.

Reps for the stunt-pulling comedian confirmed the engagement to Mr. Showbiz.

When he revealed a few months ago that he was suffering from testicular cancer, it wasn’t clear whether the anything-for-a-laugh Green was simply pulling the public’s leg, but the highly suspect story was all too true.

Barrymore stood by her new boyfriend through the ordeal, which Green turned into an MTV special — and even more joke fodder. Screen sweetheart, Barrymore, who we’ve seen grow up from E.T. cutie to Poison Ivy temptress to Charlie’s Angel, has been dating the outrageous comedian since early this year. The duo appeared side-by-side on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars, where Drew was a presenter.

Green, who’s made a splash with his mouse-swallowing scenes in this summer’s Road Trip, will have an uncredited cameo with Barrymore in the upcoming movie Charlie’s Angels.

Second Try

At age 19, Drew famously wed Welsh beau Jeremy Thomas in an early morning ceremony in an L.A. bar — the marriage lasted less than a year.

Recently, she and Home Fries co-star Luke Wilson were an item. She’s also been linked to Saving Private Ryan’s Jeremy Davies, Val Kilmer, and Hole guitatist Eric Erlandson.

We know little of the Canadian comic’s romantic history, except that he palled around with notorious ex-intern Monica Lewinsky on one episode of The Tom Green Show. We have one word of advice for guests attending the wedding of the grossout comedian and the dewy starlet: any paté you see on the banquet tables … might not be paté.