Cruise and Holmes Set Date for Wedding in Italy

Oct. 24, 2006 — -- Check your mailbox because Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have sent out their wedding invitations, according to Us Weekly.

A year and a half after Cruise proposed to Holmes at Paris' Eiffel Tower, they informed friends and family on Oct. 20 that the wedding would take place on the weekend of Nov. 18 in Italy.

Guests were instructed to be available from Nov. 16 to 19 for wedding events.

"All those details are correct," Arnold Robinson, the couple's media representative, told the magazine.

"Proper security measures are being taken to keep the vows private," Robinson told Us.

No city for the event has been revealed.

Robinson confirmed to that the wedding date had been set.

Italian designer Giorgio Armani has confirmed to Us that he will create Holmes' wedding dress.

"When I am asked by a friend to make a wedding wardrobe, it goes straight to my heart," Armani said. "It really is an honor to play a small role in that milestone moment."

Holmes, 27, and Cruise, 44, have been engaged since June 2005, and have a daughter, Suri, who is 6 months old.