Get Well Soon, Britney!

Instead of Dear Abby, it's become Dear Britney.

Britney Spears has almost completed her 30-day stint in rehab, and if you want to send the troubled pop star a note of inspiration, now's your chance.

Spears' Web site has been revamped to allow her fans the opportunity to click and send Spears letters of encouragement, which will also be shown on her site.

Here are just a few of the heartfelt get-well wishes taken from

"I remember in your DWAD tour you said something ... please, please, whatever you do, never lose your passion to dream ... and now I am asking that of you. You have given us so much."

Another reads, "It's all a journey and the bumpy bits can be rough and scary, but I have absolute faith that there's a lot of good times ahead for you. Bless you, take care of yourself, get well."

Spears entered the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, Calif., almost a month ago. Just before this she created a media frenzy with erratic behavior that included shaving her head, getting tattoos, checking in and out of rehab more than once, and ramming a vehicle with an umbrella.

Rumors have been flying since Spears checked herself into Promises. Some say she suffered from postpartum depression, some say Justin Timberlake sent her a letter that made her weep, others say she has a new rocker boyfriend she met in her AA meetings and still others say Spears has a severe Coca-Cola addiction, guzzling the soft drink by the cases in rehab.

No matter which of these are true or false, it's no rumor that Spears is starting to get the help she needs. Whether or not it will have long-term effects remains to be seen.

We have a simple message for Spears: Just get better.