If the Fedora Fits, Then Wear it

It's been nearly 20 years -- a generation -- since Indiana Jones, the world's most intrepid archeologist, hung up his fedora and laid down his whip after "The Last Crusade."

But the news that Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were teaming up again for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" sent movie fans into a tizzy.

"Not only is it the most anticipated movie of the summer, my guess is it will probably be the biggest blockbuster of the summer," "Mr. Moviefone" Russ Leatherman says.

As Dr. Jones himself, Harrison Ford, says, "I was happy to do another one just because they're so much damn fun!"

Though he'll turn 66 in July, Ford says his "Indy" duds still fit, and many fans agree he's not too old to crack the whip. The fact that Ford does his own stunts should give hope to senior citizens everywhere.

Entertainment journalist Eddy Friedfeld says, "If he can still do it, I'm going to see it."

But E! film critic Ben Lyons warns that the appeal of "Crystal Skull" may be lost on all those kids who were born during Indy's 19-year hiatus, and who aren't all that familiar with the series.

"We'll say, 'Hey, c'mon, come see this 60-year-old Harrison Ford guy,' and they'll say, 'Who?'" Lyons says.

As for the movie's plot, here are the basics: Set in 1957, the film pits Indy against Soviet agents, led by Cate Blanchett, in a race to obtain a mysterious crystal skull.

Along for the ride are Indy's former lover Marion Ravenwood, played by Karen Allen, and a young sidekick, Mutt, played by Shia LeBoeuf, who might be Indy's son.

But never mind the plot -- this is one summer movie that's critic-proof. No matter what the reviews, fans are guaranteed to turn out.

"It has been a long time but I think it's just going to build that anticipation to a fever pitch and have a huge, huge Memorial Day weekend," says Paul Dergarabedian, the president of box office analysis firm Media by Numbers.

Additional reporting by David Blaustein