'Stranger Things' star Shannon Purser publicly comes out as bisexual

PHOTO: Actor Shannon Purser attends the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Expo Hall, Jan 29, 2017, in Los Angeles.PlayAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
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Shannon Purser, of "Stranger Things" fame, publicly came out as bisexual on Tuesday.

"I've only just recently come out as bisexual to my family and friends," she wrote on Twitter. "It's something I am still processing and trying to understand and I don't like talking about it too much."

The explanation appears to have been prompted by backlash from "Riverdale" fans regarding a same-sex kiss between two of the show's female characters. Some fans of the show voiced frustration that the kiss was a flimsy way to attract LGBT viewers.

"I'm very very new to the LGBT community," Purser continued. "I have never heard the term 'queerbaiting' in my life until today."

She also apologized for a now-deleted tweet in which she poked fun at fans who were angry about the kiss.

Earlier this month, Purser posted a series of tweets in which she said she knows what it's like to have anxiety about her sexuality, but remained vague on her personal struggle.