New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Features Affleck's Batman, Extended Joker Laugh

Leto's creepy laugh, Batman and more!

— -- A new "Suicide Squad" clip aired last night at the MTV Movie Awards and was later posted online by Warner Bros. It's nothing short of epic.

David Ayer's movie is set to hit theaters on Aug. 5 and it looks like he's put together a comic thriller for the ages.

The trailer starts with a government official asking what would happen if Superman decided to go rogue (sound familiar?).

"Who would have stopped him?" he asks.

They are very bad people who she believes "can do some good." From the comics, Waller is ruthless and not always to be trusted. Basically, she doesn't care if these guys die, as long as it's in defense against guys like The Joker. "If they get caught, we throw them under the bus," she says. That's cold!

There's also an expanded look at Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flagg, the field commander for the team, who tells the team, basically, if they mess up, "you die." He rattles off a whole, long list of things that could end up with the Squad dying.

The music playing in the background is a mix of The Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" and "You Don't Own Me." Crazy brilliant, right?

Now, we NEED to talk about Leto's laugh. Creepy doesn't do it justice.

You first hear it around the 20-second mark. It's distinct and one that will give you chills. Around the 1:29 mark, it happens again, to which Harley says simply, "Uh Oh." (A shorter version of his laugh has been featured in earlier clips.)

"Not good!" Smith replies. Then we see the man himself. Leto is an Oscar winner, so naturally, fans were excited to see what he brings to the role.

"Are you sweet talking me?" he asks in one of the scenes. "All of that chit chat is going to get you hurt." His high, wispy-pitched voice is horrifying.

If that wasn't enough, we next venture into the world of the Dark Night himself, Batmobile and all. It's short, but we know Affleck's Batman does make an appearance here to tie the DC cinematic world together.

Last thing: Margot Robbie looks and sounds awesome as Joker's twisted, demented ex-love (or so it seems). But that's nothing new!

August can't get here fast enough.