Taylor Kitsch Shares 'Friday Night Lights' Secrets

Find out which co-stars he's still close with and what he took from the set.

— -- It's been nearly four years since "Friday Night Lights" went off the air, but the show is still important to star Taylor Kitsch.

"Derek Phillips is still one of my close friends. He played my brother. Kyle [Chandler], of course. We're still really close," he told Us Weekly. "[Jesse] Plemons, [Scott] Porter. A lot of those guys. I haven't seen Porter since his wedding, but Derek and I ride motorcycles all the time together, so I see Derek a lot. I hang out with [executive producer] Peter Berg. He's one of my best friends and we have done three movies together since."

He added that friendships aren't all he took from his time on the series. The actor, who now lives in Austin, where the show was filmed, has all of Riggins' jerseys in his closet.

"I actually gave one of them to my best friend," he told the magazine. "I [also] have a piece of his locker that was gifted to me."

And of course, Kitsch always keeps good memories of the show close to his heart. Among his favorites are the big "lasts."

"The last scene was pretty incredible for everybody. We had the whole crew and people who had been there the last five years. That was a very heavy one," he said. "And there's so many good memories. Really. We were incredibly spoiled on that show. Riggins' last game was tough. That was a big day. Those are the good memories I have."