Taylor Swift Debuts 'Style' Music Video

PHOTO: Taylor Swift posted a video on Instagram on Feb. 11, 2015, with the caption "#Feb13STYLE".Playtaylorswift/instagram
WATCH Taylor Swift Debuts 'Style' Music Video

It's the luckiest Friday the 13th ever for Taylor Swift fans.

The singer debuted the music video for her song "Style" from her hit album "1989" today on "Good Morning America."

"Style" is the latest single off "1989," which has been No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts for 11 weeks, and follows up on hit singles "Shake It Off," "Blank Spaces," and "Out of the Woods."

The video cuts between a "red-lipped" Swift and a man with that "James Dean day dream look" in his eyes living out their tormented love story, from scenes of longing to staring at their reflections in front of a cracked mirror.

In true Swiftie style, the pop star, 25, gave fans a sneak peek at the music video, posting three short clips on Instagram this week, captioned "#Feb13STYLE." In one, a cloud of white smoke engulfs the pop star's head, and in another she looks mysteriously at the camera as dark images from nature surround her.