Terry Crews on how a bad anniversary date with his wife made him realize they'd 'be together forever'

The couple celebrated 30 years with each other in July 2019.

January 23, 2020, 2:24 PM

Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews celebrated their milestone 30th anniversary with a party that will probably have guests talking for ages. But Crews told "The View" that their best anniversary yet didn't include any of the glitz and glam at all.

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star made a guest appearance on the daytime talk show Thursday where he spoke about the anniversary party he and King-Crews held on July 27, 2019, which included a replica of their original wedding cake and a performance from the musical legend Stevie Wonder. But despite being surrounded by their children, family and friends, Crews admitted the lavish party "wasn't even our best anniversary." He said that title goes to his 27th anniversary.

Crews said he and his wife went out for dinner together on their 27th anniversary and ended up in an argument.

"She said, 'I'm out of here, give me the valet ticket.' I said, 'OK, here you go. Go ahead then.' She grabbed the valet ticket. She goes out," Crews said. "The waitress is like, do you still want your meal? I said, 'Yes, I do.'"

Crews ate his dinner, called a car, picked up ice cream for himself and went on his way, he said. When he arrived back home, Crews said he saw his wife relaxing in bed watching TV.

"I roll up next to her and I go, 'Are you good?' She said, 'I'm good,'" Crews said.

"That was the moment I knew we would be together forever. It was the best anniversary," Crews continued. "You always think when these things happen it's over... But no, it's not. That was the best anniversary of all time."

The couple has five children together — Azriel, Isaiah, Naomi, Tera and Wynfrey — and they've stuck by each other through thick and thin. Crews told "The View" in June 2019 that "it was me and my wife together" and her support that made his career what it is today.

The first time Crews met King-Crews, she was playing the piano in church. Even though the actor might seem like a smooth talker today, he told "The View" on Thursday that he had "no game" when they first met.

"[Rebecca] was playing piano at my church... I went, 'You play that piano really nice.' She was like, 'Yeah, OK.' I was in the friend zone!" Crews said. "What happened was I earned my way in. I treated her with respect and I knew. I said 'This is the one.' ... I took my time. I was not going to mess that up."

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