‘Torn’ Songstress Natalie Imbruglia Makes a Comeback

The singer is making a long-overdue comeback!

— -- Natalie Imbruglia is making a long-overdue comeback!

Imbruglia told ABC News she wasn’t enjoying her time in the limelight. But after a 6-year break, she’s ready to give it another try with her newly released album “Male”.

“It’s very vocally driven. It’s very reflective. It’s a classic production, so there are no electronic sounds or gimmicky things like that,” Imbruglia explained. “It’s about the songs. It’s for people who like storytelling type songs and who like love songs.”

“I was in Vienna recently and I did a festival and it was 80,000 people. And I don’t know how I missed that bit. But I didn’t really realize until I walked on stage. And there was a sea of people,” Imbruglia said. “And I thought, bizarrely this feels like home.”

Imbruglia’s return to her musical roots has many fans are reflecting on their love of "Torn." We asked her to help us pay homage to the popular tune with our game of "This, That, or Torn?"

Performing in front of a crowd or modeling in front of a camera?

Natalie Imbruglia: Definitely performing on stage

Clean break or conscious uncoupling?

NI: I would like to consciously couple with somebody. I’m free. I’m single.

High heels and fancy dress or sweats and flip flops?

NI: Definitely torn

Beer and burgers or Wine and Dine?

NI: If I had to, I’d say beer and burgers

Beach house or hit the slopes?

NI: Beach house a hundred percent. I don’t like to be cold.

Balding men, shave it or save it?

NI: I don’t mind. Either is fine.

Imbruglia’s album “Male” was released on July 31.