'The Walking Dead' producer teases show's 'most intense season yet'

PHOTO: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in a scene from "The Waling Dead."PlayGene Page/AMC
WATCH A look at 'The Walking Dead' exhibit at Comic-Con 2017

In 2010, AMC launched its wildly-popular TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's 2003 graphic novel series "The Walking Dead," which this month will enter its eighth season.

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The show's success still takes executive producer David Alpert by surprise -- especially when he sees fans in costumes inspired by the hit show at Comic Con, which is currently underway in New York.

"Honestly, the success of the show and the success of the brand is kind of overwhelming," Alpert tells ABC News. "We always knew that [Kirkman] created something really special, but you never know if people are going to respond to something you love.

"The fact that people embraced it the way they have… I saw a female [Walking Dead hero] Jesus, and [a] Negan, and they were making eyes at each other, like, mock threatening each other!" he adds. "And I was like, 'That's insane! But kind of awesome at the same time.’"

Season 7 of the show ended just as Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bat-wielding baddie Negan and his Saviors gang declared war on Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes and various factions who joined him.

“The Walking Dead” creator Kirkman says fans of the show should buckle up for the next season.

"The end of season 7 was so huge, and our goal with season 8 is to make that look small in comparison," he tells ABC News. "We're doing the 'All Out War' storyline, we've been very public about that. We're going to do a very fast- paced season."

"It's gonna be a huge conflict," he adds. "And we're gonna hit the ground running, and do the most intense season of ‘The Walking Dead’ we've done yet!"

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.