Book's Claim That Warren Beatty Bedded Thousands of Women Is 'Baloney': Lawyer

New book dishes all on legendary Hollywood actor Warren Beatty.

ByABC News
January 5, 2010, 6:23 AM

Jan. 5, 2010 — -- How much does Warren Beatty love the ladies?

We can count the ways, if a new unauthorized biography due out Jan. 12 is to be believed. In "Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America," author Peter Biskind contends that the actor, 72, has bedded nearly 13,000 women.

That's not a typo. According to Biskin, Beatty's been with 12,775 females, "give or take."

But according to Beatty's lawyer, that figure is a bunch of "baloney."

"It is absurd," attorney Bert Fields told Monday. "Somebody must have made it up. It's just absurd."

Fields said that while Biskind interviewed Beatty for "Star," the author, a journalist who served as the executive editor of Premiere magazine and has written many prominent Hollywood tomes, including "Raging Bulls," "Down and Dirty Pictures," and "Gods and Monsters," never asked Beatty how many women the actor had bedded.

"Warren is quoted as saying things that he didn't say," Fields said. "I don't mean that all of the quotes are wrong, but there are things in there that he didn't say. It is not something that he read and approved."

Fair enough. But it brings up the bigger point of, well, how many women has Hollywood's legendary ladies man been with, anyway?

"I haven't counted them," Fields said, "but I can tell you it's not ... what ever that ridiculous number was. Warren had long relationships with different women. During those periods, he was loyal to that particular woman." (Beatty has been married to actress Annette Bening since 1992; they have four children.)

So does Beatty himself even know what his "number" is?

"I don't think he knows," Fields said. "I mean, who keeps count of those things?"

A publicist for Simon & Schuster, the publishing house behind Biskind's book, told that the company "stands by" the author despite Fields' denial of his claims. Biskind himself was not available for comment Monday.

Warren Beatty attending a movie premiere with his sister, Shirley MacLaine, 1966.

"There was nothing particularly outre about Beatty's sexual practices. ... He was not adverse to spanking, in which he played the spanker, not the spankee but he did not appear to be much interested in exploring the exotic of, say, the 'Kama Sutra.'"

"Doubles and triples, i.e. more than one woman at a time, were de rigueur in those days, although some women weren't thrilled by the idea."

"According to another woman with whom he had a lengthy relationship, Beatty liked to watch two women make love, and 'then have sex with each one of them.'"

"Of course, Beatty was into phone sex before there was phone sex. He would call a woman in the middle of the night, asking softly, in his silky voice, 'What's new, pussycat,' or using another of his favorite openers. Then came the questions: 'Where are you?' 'What are you doing?' 'What are you wearing?'"