Watch Tom Hanks Reunite With Wilson From 'Cast Away'

PHOTO: Tom Hanks poses with a volleyball painted to look like "Wilson" from his 2000 movie "Cast Away" in a grab made from a video posted to the New York Rangers Instagram account Feb. 5, 2015.Playnyrangers/Instagram
WATCH Watch Tom Hanks Reunite With Wilson From 'Cast Away'

Tom Hanks got to reunite with an old friend recently at a New York Rangers game.

No, not another actor he worked with in the past, but his precious Wilson, the volleyball he befriended in the 2000 movie "Cast Away."

While he was being applauded Wednesday on the Jumbotron at Madison Square Garden, Hanks, 58, was thrown a volleyball with Wilson's red face on it.

His reaction is priceless. Here's to hoping they went out after the game and grabbed dinner to catch up.

ICYMI at the #NYR game last night Tom Hanks and Wilson were finally reunited! #BFF

A video posted by New York Rangers (@nyrangers) on Feb 5, 2015 at 10:05am PST