Watch Zach Galifianakis Ask Brad Pitt If He's Seen 'Friends'

The "Fury" actor appeared on "Between Two Ferns."

ByABC News
October 23, 2014, 11:46 AM

— -- Zach Galifianakis tends to give his guests a hard time when they appear on his comedic online show "Between Two Ferns."

This time, he rendered Brad Pitt speechless.

"Tell me what it was like, the first time you laid eyes on Angelina. Was it like what one of those classical love stories like when Ross met Rachel?" he asked, referring to Pitt's ex wife, Jennifer Aniston's character on "Friends." "You know that show, 'Friends'? Have you seen it?"

With that, he played the show's theme song.

"I like that song," Pitt responded with a smile.

The rest of the video is equally funny, with Galifianakis presenting Pitt with what appears to be a bong ("It's a bassoon," he insisted, to which Pitt responded, "Yeah, we don't bassoon in my house anymore"), referring to the actor as "Bradley Pitts," and asking, "Is it hard for you to maintain a suntan ... because you live in your wife's shadow?" Watch it here or below: