'Wonder Woman': 5 burning questions about the hit movie


— -- It's official -- "Wonder Woman" is a summer blockbuster!

The fourth offering from the DC Cinematic Universe has captivated fans in its opening weekend, earning $103.1 million at the U.S. box office. It's also the first female-driven film (both with actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins) in the modern superhero genre (post 2005).

But as these movies become intertwined and connected to other films in its universe -- in this case "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)," "Man of Steel (2013)" and "Suicide Squad (2016)" -- there are sure to be more questions after each one.


Usually these questions arise from teases at the end of these films or post-credit scenes. In "Wonder Woman's" case, there was no post-credit scene, so the questions came from the plot and how it fits into the continuity of the DC franchise.

1 - 100 Years?

At the end of "Dawn of Justice," Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, tells Bruce Wayne she left humanity behind a century ago because "men made a world where standing together is impossible."

In "Dawn of Justice," we also saw a photo of Diana taken years ago (that Lex Luthor had) but why aren't there any more? Where did she hide all that time?

2 - Zod and "Man of Steel"

A lot of critics think there should have been solo films before we saw the trinity of DC heroes (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) together in "Dawn of Justice." Fans often like to see the origin stories come together before the heroes united.

In the case of "Man of Steel," General Zod comes to Earth to basically kill all humans in an effort to recreate Krypton. Superman eventually stops him.

One has to ask: why didn't Diana intervene and help? Where was she while thousands, potentially millions, were being killed by this alien being?

With Superman's expected return in "Justice League," hopefully this is something filmmakers will address. Which brings us to our next question...

3 - Doomsday!

We learn that Diana is a God in this film. Why did Superman sacrifice himself at the end of "Dawn of Justice" with the kryptonite spear to kill Doomsday, when she could have done it?

Sure, it's a vehicle for driving forward the plot and setting up "Justice League," but it seems so unnecessary.

Maybe if Wonder Woman hadn't been in the film? Sure, then have Superman pick up a weapon that literally saps his power, then struggle to fly and kill the beast. But with her there, she is more than capable to handle the situation. She might even be more powerful than the Man of Steel himself.

Come to think of it, she also uses a very similar sword in "Dawn of Justice" against Doomsday. Ares, the God of War, destroyed her sword in "Wonder Woman," so where did she get the new one? Is there nothing special about the one she uses now? (like did she just pick it up at the local sword store?)

4 - Themyscira

When Diana plans to leave her home to save all the innocent lives that the war is taking, her mother Hippolyta tells her she may not be able to come back.

But why? Steve Trevor just crash landed there and then the Germans found it too, killing countless Amazonians.

Maybe this is only a rule for Amazonians who leave or Hippolyta was concerned for her daughter's life? Also, wouldn't it make more sense if that's where she's been for a century after losing the love of her life? Then, that's an easy out for why she's been gone for so long.

5 - How much does Bruce Wayne know?

Seemingly, the story told to the audience is what Bruce Wayne was also told by Prince herself.

The next question is how does Wayne -- who is only human, but the most skilled battle tactician in the world (he's Batman!) -- plan to utilize her in the coming battle against Darkseid, the villain we expect in "Justice League?"

Expect to be seeing God against God again, but this time with some help from friends like Superman, Batman, the Flash and Cyborg. But does she even need help?

"Wonder Woman" is in theaters nationwide. "Justice League" hits theaters in November. Marvel and ABC News are both part of parent company Disney.