Generación Latina

Selecciones combed the nation to find young Hispanics who are making it their mission to inspire and impact their communities through the arts/entertainment, medicine, politics, sports, activism, technology and community efforts. Seven extraordinary young Hispanics were selected under the following categories:

The Advocate: Arissa Garcia, 16, from Las Vegas, New Mexico. Following a tragic drunk driving accident that claimed the lives of her entire family, she is now challenging Congress to change the drunk driving laws in her state-- and beyond.

The Innovator: Max Olguin, 15, a future engineer from Dallas, Texas who arrived in the States just three years ago with no working knowledge of the English language. With an innate gift for science, Max was one of 19 kids nationwide selected to participate in the Dallas/Ft Worth's Semiconductor summer program this past summer.

The Litigator: Catherine Campoverde, 17, a future lawyer from New York City who hopes to support single mothers and their young children throughout the U.S. legal system.

The Mentor: Chantel Sanchez, 20, from Phoenix, Arizona whose on-going community efforts have helped strengthen her crime-ridden neighborhood.

The Motivator: Pat Pedraja, 13, from Tampa, Florida whose on-going battle with leukemia has motivated him to enlist more than 5,000 Hispanics nationwide into the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry program.

The Performer: Alejandra Alberti, 22, multi-talented up-and-coming singer from Miami, Florida. Hoping to enrich the lives of ailing children in her hometown of Miami, the newly-Latin Grammy award nominee spends countless hours honing her music skills at local hospitals and children's centers.

The Player: Brayan Martinez, 18, an all-star soccer extraordinaire from West Orange, New Jersey who mastered the English language on the soccer field.

Selecciones editor-in-chief Genevieve Marlin-Fernandez expresses her praise for the group of passionate young leaders. "These seven honored teens and their personal triumphs truly represent the future generation of Latinos in the U.S. Each of them have overcome significant obstacles, yet all exemplify this extraordinary will and determination to succeed. It's truly compelling."

To read more about Generación Latina and the young world-changers, check out the October issue of Selecciones.