Giving Your Pet Meds and Adoption Information

Like people, pets often need medicine but don't want to take it.

Dr. Marty Becker has tips on how to give your pets the medications they need and how to put the "treat" in treatment.

Pets read your body language. Be jolly and don't project hesitation or guilt.

The popular antibiotic Baytril comes in a chewable tablet, so ask your vet about it.

Use Pill Pockets, which are edible food-grade material you put the pill inside.

Some pharmacists will put medication in beef, seafood or chicken.

Try Flavorex, liquid medication that comes in pet-friendly flavors.

Many pets will lick the liquid out of a spoon. Otherwise you can use a plastic syringe and squirt it into the corner of the pet's mouth.

Medicated creams can be rubbed into the hairless part of your pet's ear, and it will be absorbed into its system.

The pets shown on today's "Good Morning America" segment are available for adoption through the Humane Society of New York City.

Call the society at (212) 752-4840 ext. 229.

You can also visit its Web site at