Soda in Your Hair? Surprising Budget Beauty Secrets

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Get some surprising beauty tips, such as how to thin out clumpy mascara and tone down brassy hair color with items you'll find in your refrigerator!

Who doesn't want to be let in on some beauty secrets?

We all know we can go to high-priced salons and drop a lot of money to look good. But what about all those tips some women swap among themselves on how to look fabulous without spending a fortune?

InStyle magazine's beauty director Amy Synnott-D'Annibale dropped by "Good Morning America" to share some surprising tips such as how to thin out clumpy mascara and tone down brassy hair color with items you might find in your refrigerator.

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Makeup Tips

Fake a Nose Job With Makeup

To give the illusion of a perfectly straight nose, draw a line down the bridge of your nose with a cream shimmer like one from the cosmetics company Nars. The shimmer reflects light, giving the illusion of a more perfect symmetry.

Nars "The Multiple" in Copacabana, $37; available at

Warm Up Your Lash Curler

Warm up your eyelash curler with a quick blast of hot air from your blow-dryer (no more than three seconds) before using it on your lashes. The heat opens up the hair cuticle, boosting the curl!

Use any eyelash-curler and blow dryer. InStyle recommends the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, $19; available at and the Conair Inifiniti Nano Silver blow dryer, $54.99; available at

Use Soda to Thin Clumpy Mascara

A drop of Coca-Cola will reinvigorate your mascara's consistency. The syrup in the soda adds just enough moisture without making your makeup watery.

InStyle recommends Diorshow mascara in black, $24; available at
Coca-Cola, $2.39 for 6; available at grocery stores.

Skin Care Tips

Soothe Skin With an Aspirin Paste

Want to soothe irritated skin? After plucking ingrown hairs, crush two aspirins into a powder, and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Apply this over the tender area and let dry for relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin that make bumps and bruises feel better also works on razor burn.

Aspirin, $5.49; available at drug stores.

Blotting Paper Substitute

Blotting papers are the standard go-to when you want to fight oily skin, but if you've forgotten yours, we have a surprising substitute. It sounds a little crazy, but paper toilet seat covers make great blotting papers. The thin tissue absorbs oil like a sponge.

InStyle recommends Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens, $10; available at

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Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos work wonders but they can be really expensive. For a fast and inexpensive at-home alternative, mix together equal parts baking soda and baby powder, sprinkle over, hair, and brush! The baking soda helps remove buildup while the baby powder soaks up excess oil.

Baking Soda, $0.69; available at grocery stores.
Johnson & Johnson baby powder, $4.99; available at drug stores.
InStyle recommends Ricky's applicator bottle, $1.99 for two; go to for stores.

Use Kool-Aid to Tone Down Hair Color

Want to say "see ya" to brassy hair color? Add a pinch of grape Kool-aid powder to four tablespoons of your regular shampoo.

The purple-blue color of the Kool-aid cancels out the brassy gold orange in over-processed hues because it's on the opposite side of the color spectrum.

InStyle recommends Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo, $3.50; available at drug stores.
Grape Kool-Aid; available at most grocery stores.

Use Sugar as a Hair Volumizer

If you want to quickly thicken your hair, add two sugar packets to a 20 ounce bottle of water to create a natural volumizing spray.

Sugar packets, $2.99 for box of 100; at grocery stores.
Ricky's spray bottle (see above).

Run Nails Under Cold Water

Tired of waiting for your nail polish to dry? To make it dry faster, once nails are partially dry, run them under cold water. The icy temperature will speed up the setting your polish. Everyday Bottle Opener

And if your nail polish bottle is stuck shut, try wrapping a rubber band around it for a better grip!

Instyle recommends Essie Nail Polish in Really Red, $8; available at
Staples rubber band ball, $4.19; for stores.

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