Adam Lamberg will return as Gordo in new 'Lizzie McGuire'

The show that made Hilary Duff a star is coming back to Disney+.

Actor Adam Lamberg will reprise his role as David "Gordo" Gordon in the upcoming Disney+ series "Lizzie McGuire," Disney announced Wednesday.

In the initial show, Lamberg played Lizzie's best friend, who, in some ways, was wise beyond his years.

Hilary Duff, who starred in the original series and will be returning for the new one, raved about the casting news.

"Gordo was an essential piece of the puzzle to what made the original 'Lizzie McGuire' so authentic and beloved," she said. "I couldn't imagine the series without him. I can't wait for fans to see what he's up to 15 years later and how he fits into Lizzie's adult world."

The new "Lizzie McGuire" will center on 30-year-old Lizzie, who is engaged and working as an assistant to an interior designer in New York City. In addition to Duff and Lamberg, much of the original cast will also return, including her parents -- Hallie Todd as Jo McGuire and Robert Carradine as Sam McGuire -- and Jake Thomas as brother Matt McGuire.

Lizzie's animated teenage self will also play an important role in the show.

"She is everyone's best friend and there are big hurdles to climb over when you're 30," Duff told "Good Morning America" of stepping back into the role. "If she can be there for all the ... women that are going through what she's going through, I am so happy to step into the shoes again."

Production on "Lizzie McGuire" began earlier this month.

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