'American Idol' judges whittle down the group to final 24

'Idol' now has the final 24 contenders.

New York -- It was the "final judgment" last night on "American Idol" as 50 contestants faced the judges and slowly got whittled down to the top 24.

Among the contestants that made it to the top 24:

Adam Sanders/Ada Vox: After performing as his drag persona Ada Vox, Adam Sanders showed up to his judgment as his regular self and surprised the judges. Turns out, they loved both versions of him and sent him through.

Cade Foehner: He rocked out on the electric guitar during his showcase, performing a show-stopping rendition of Kaleo’s “No Good.” He’ll be representing the rock contingent in the top 24.

Jonny Brenns: While he initially didn’t tell his family he was auditioning, they all came out to support his showcase performance nearly bringing Katy to tears. His rendition of Sam Smith’s “Can I Lay By Your Side” was enough to push him through to the next round.

Dennis Lorenzo & Marcio Donaldson: The two young fathers were the last two contestants to face the judges, and they did so together. After some tense moments, they were informed that there were in fact two spots left and they were both moving on to the top 24.

The rest of the top 24 include: Gabby Barrett, Michelle Sussett, Alyssa Raghu, Ron Bultongez, Dominique, Jurnee, Shannon O’Hara, Kay Kay, Brandon Diaz, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Effie Passero, Garrett Jacobs, Mara Justine, Amelia Hammer Harris, Trevor McBane and Maddie Poppe.

Some notables who had to say goodbye:

Trevor Holmes: Katy’s crush proved looks aren’t everything. He performed a lackluster version of Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands,” prompting Katy to comment, “I’m over him.” She bid him a dramatic farewell.

Maddie Zahm: She sang Pink’s “What About Us" and the judges deemed her not quite ready to move forward. She and Effie Passero were the last two women to get called, but only Effie made it through.

Noah Davis: Katy’s “wig” buddy failed to hit the right notes during his showcase of Lady Gaga’s “You and I.” The judges loved him at the piano, but not so much when he was away from it. They sadly let him go.

Next week the top 24 will perform duets with their favorite artists. "American Idol" airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.