'The Bachelor' finale: Arie Luyendyk Jr. breaks off engagement in shocking twist

Becca K. and Lauren B. were the two women left on the show.

Lauren got to meet the family first. There were smiles and hugs, but the meeting lacked the upbeat quality of when Arie brought Krystal home. Lauren admitted her concern about being let down. The family seemed to embrace her in spite of her natural concerns.

Next, Becca got to meet the family and was very confident about her feelings for Arie. She talked to his parents, who both pointed out that they had met Lauren. When Becca talked to Arie Sr. he said whomever Arie picked, "either way, I'm fine with it."

Arie's mother Mieke was not much help because, like Arie, she said she loved Lauren and Becca both.

Later, the family counseled Arie that Lauren is insecure and will need constant reassurance and Becca stands on her own, so they endorsed Becca for marriage to Arie. But Arie said he sees a life with both of them and needed more time to think about it. Caroline told Chris that she doesn't think Arie knows what he wants, which has been evident throughout the show.

Lauren and Arie went to Machu Pichu and Arie confessed to be leaning toward her, saying it's the little things about her that he notices and appreciates, as well as her looks and personality. He said he can't imagine saying goodbye to that.

In the studio, Harrison asked Bekah M. what she thought and she replied that if Arie is this confused, then a proposal is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Arie spent time walking around with Becca and enjoying the colorful shops and scenery. Becca admitted there were so many emotions happening. Arie admitted that after spending time with Becca he's in love with her and still conflicted about what to do.

At the final rose ceremony, Lauren showed up in a long, white beaded dress and Harrison walked her to a backyard filled with alpacas. Lauren said she could not imagine Arie not proposing to her.

After Lauren confessed her love to him, Arie told her that he can't go through with it, and that there was something holding him back -- and then he walked out. Leaving in the car and wiping away tears, Lauren said she didn't understand.

Back at the ranch, Becca arrived wearing a black lace dress and feeling positive. Arie greeted her and told her she looked beautiful, and that his love for her is immeasurable. Dropping to one knee, Arie proposed and Becca said, "Of course!" They kissed and Arie offered her the final rose before they waltzed around deliriously.

Later, Bachelor Nation was treated to unedited footage of Arie and Becca together in Peru the weeks after the proposal. Everything looked fine until, back in Los Angeles, Arie confessed that he missed Lauren and had made a mistake. He vowed to call off the engagement and break up with Becca.

Becca was humiliated and upset though the two addressed it rather calmly. She finally got up and declared, "I'm done!" and walked out. As she started to pack, Arie went into her room and told her he would leave. But he only went outside and when Becca cried in the bathroom, he went back to try again to talk to her. But Becca only wanted him to go, and after 10 minutes of dragging it out, Arie finally left.

Back in the studio, Becca watched the clip, which she described as "brutal."

"After he left, I went through all of the emotions," she said. "I was sad, I stayed in LA for a few days, and cried for probably four days straight. And grieved the loss of that relationship, and the future that I thought we were going to have. I am angry at times. I feel betrayed a lot of the time, just because I feel like I was lied to for so long."

Harrison announced that Arie and Becca would return Tuesday night on the live After the Final Rose special, and meet for the first time since the breakup.

"The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.