'The Bachelorette' recap: Hometown visits lead to a history-making rose ceremony

Wait, what?!?

July 9, 2019, 9:25 AM

On Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette," Hannah visited the hometowns of the four remaining men and met their families. The results lead to a shocking end, and a "Bachelorette" first.

The first stop was Peter's hometown of Westlake Village, California, where the 27-year-old pilot took her on an aerial tour of the place he grew up.

Afterward, Hannah was introduced to Peter's dad and namesake, Peter, mom, Barbara, and younger brother, Jack. After the pleasantries are exchanged and the group dines on Cuban food, the private conversations begin. Everyone seems to have the same questions for Hannah: at what stage is their relationship, given there's three other guys still in the picture? Her best answer is that she and Peter are "on a track" to ending up as a couple. Peter, meanwhile, implies he's in love with Hannah, but has yet to tell her.

After escorting Hannah to the limo waiting to take her away, Peter regrets missing another golden opportunity to tell Hannah he loves her. "When the time is right, it'll happen," says Peter, addressing the camera. He just hopes it won't be too late.

The next stop is Jupiter, Florida, for a rendezvous with Tyler C., who shows Hannah the best way to explore his hometown -- by boat! For Tyler, it's also a great excuse to slather Hannah with sunscreen, but she's more interested in finding out if their "sexual attraction" to each other will lead to a proposal.

The homecoming is also an emotional one for Tyler, who will be seeing his father for the first time since he suffered a health scare that nearly took his life.

The conversations are all cordial, and one by one, his entire family reassures Hannah that Tyler is ready for a commitment. Everyone seems genuinely happy for them, with no reservations about offering the couple their "love and support." Afterward, Tyler tells Hannah he's "falling in love" with her and is ready to "step up" for her.

From there, Hannah headed to Luke P.'s hometown of Gainesville, Georgia. It's a chance for her to get a clearer picture of Luke, who is "like a jigsaw puzzle" to her. "I've got the corners down, but don't have the middle figured out," she explains.

For his part, Luke takes advantage of being able to spend time with Hannah on his own turf, among friends and without any trash talk from the other guys.

It starts with a trip to a Sunday school of which Luke's a part. The group all have glowing opinions of the guy who has become the villain of "The Bachelorette" season 15, insisting he's "the nicest dude," "the real deal" and "a good friend."

Luke's family includes mom Elizabeth, dad and brother -- both named Mike -- his sister-in-law, coincidentally named Hannah, his grandma and great-grandma. They're all just as puzzled to hear Hannah describe the drama on the show. They assure her it's not like the Luke they've known all these years.

Later, when they're alone, Luke tells Hannah, "Without a doubt I can tell you that I do love you." Addressing the camera, Hannah declares that she's falling in love with him, too.

The final hometown stop is Nashville, Tennessee, where singer/songwriter Jed told Hannah that after getting a glimpse of her world, by joining the guys for a mock beauty pageant way back in the second episode, he would turn the tables on Hannah by bringing her into a recording studio to write a song.

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there.

Jed's overprotective family couldn't wrap their heads around the couple's's whirlwind romance. When Hannah asks Jed's mother and sister if they think Jed is ready to commit to a serious relationship, she gets a flat "no" from both, raising some red flags about their future.

Back at the mansion, the first two roses go to Peter and Tyler, but Hannah can't make up her mind who should get the final one. After leaving the room and discussing the situation with host Chris Harrison, she decides that, in a "Bachelorette" first, no one will be sent home.

"The Bachelorette" returns Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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