Bella Thorne speaks openly about her mother on 'Strahan and Sara'

The star opens up about all the things she wishes she had said to her mom.

Bella Thorne opened up about her complicated relationship with her mom after sitting down with guest co-host Keke Palmer on “Strahan and Sara.”

Looking back at her childhood, the actress said she longed for more structure and direction from her mother growing up.

"I wanted acceptance. I wanted appreciation and love for who I was, the way I looked, to everything about myself that I didn’t ever feel like I got," Thorne said. "I wanted an education, I wanted to feel like I could speak, I wanted a lot of things. But I never spoke up so you can only blame people around you so much before obviously you start blaming yourself."

The comments come after Thorne revealed her"pansexual sexual orientation and overcoming abuse as a child in an interview with ABC News’ JuJu Chang.

Throne initially rose to stardom on the Disney Channel’s hit series "Shake it Up" at the age of 13. Now 21, she is known for her darker, grittier aura.

The actress also revealed she’s struggled with her personal well-being as a result of childhood stardom.

“If you spend your whole life, you’ve been raised to only please people, then how to you know, why do you think, ‘oh these child stars are going crazy,'” Thorne said. “But they finally get to please themselves for once or ask themselves what does please me? Because I don’t even know at this point.”