Brandy shares her 'exciting' studio experience with her daughter

Sy'rai, 18, joined her mom for an empowering duet titled "High Heels."

ByRachel George via GMA logo
August 3, 2020, 11:03 AM

R&B singer Brandy stepped into the studio with her 18-year-old daughter, Sy'rai, for their empowering duet "High Heels."

The proud mom called it a "fun" experience to see her daughter tap into her creativity as a young artist, just like she once did.

"[It was] so exciting just to hear what she can do in the booth and how quick she is, and how her musicality is," Brandy revealed to Rolling Stone. "She’s just so talented. I love the way our voices sound together. I love the way we blend ... so many different harmonies."

"I had a good time with her and I want to continue to do music with her," she continued. "I think that she’s just growing to be an incredible young artist and I’m just here for it. I want to watch her grow and be here for her every step of the way."

"High Heels" is off Brandy's new album, "B7," under her label imprint, Brand Nu Entertainment. She said it was "therapeutic" to have creative control this time around, noting she co-wrote and co-produced the entire album.

"I just felt so free just being able to just use music as a way to just purge," Brandy shared. "I was so vulnerable, and hearing the songs back, I feel the honesty. I feel like it’s really me, it’s really who I am. It feels good to give in this way, in my own truth."