Dionne Warwick says a series about her life is currently 'in the works'

"It's going to be a series, we're planning to do an episodic type of a show."

ByRachel George via logo
February 11, 2021, 11:23 AM

Dionne Warwick said a series based on her life is currently "in the works," with Teyana Taylor potentially starring and directing.

"It's going to be a series, we're planning to do an episodic type of a show. [Teyana] is certainly a talented young lady with whom I've had the pleasure of interfacing," Warwick told Entertainment Weekly.

"In fact, we had a conversation last night on the telephone," she continued. "She's very excited about the prospect of being involved and she's also going to be very, very much involved in directing it and putting together parts and parcel of how we see this going."

Last December, Warwick tagged Netflix's official account in a Twitter video, where she suggested Taylor portray her. At the time, the streaming service replied, "taking notes," with two emojis of a handwriting on paper.

Another exciting effort is Warwick's newfound popularity during the pandemic after viral Twitter conversations with Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd.

Warwick said she enjoys engaging with fans, who seem to want to personally "get to know" her.

"I still have more questions and more people I want to meet," Warwick said. "What's been very interesting for me is to see how the youngsters who I poke a little fun at have reacted so positively. I'm really having a lot of fun."