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Dolly Parton reveals her favorite food and cooking habits

"Every diet I ever fell off of has been because of a potato."

ByCarena Liptak via logo
October 8, 2020, 11:48 AM

Dolly Parton is the latest celebrity to take on Wired's "Autocomplete Interview" and the superstar revealed some little-known trivia about her favorite food in the process.

For one thing, the singer shared that she’s got a major weakness for potatoes, in pretty much any form.

"Every diet I ever fell off of has been because of a potato," Parton admitted. "Either French fries, or mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes. Potato, potato, potato! I never met a spud I didn’t like."

Fortunately for her, it seems like Parton’s perfectly capable of whipping up any potato variant she’s craving right in her own kitchen. Elsewhere in the interview, the singer said that even though she’s a busy performer and recording artist, she still makes time for good old home cooking.

"You better believe it! I’m a really, really good cook," the singer said. "I’m not a gourmet cook. My food is not pretty, but it’s good. I cook like my mom, my grandmas and my aunts. I’m still one of those people that really can cook, like the old days. That soul food cooking."

Of course, Parton said, she cooks that way because that’s the kind of food she likes best -- at least, in moderation. "I can’t eat it all the time anymore, because it does have a lot of calories in it. But yes, I love to cook," she added.

These days, Parton might not have all that much time for cooking: She’s busy with the release of her new holiday album, "A Holly Dolly Christmas," which came out last week.